7 Incredible Rope Courses that will challenge your body...and mind!

There is one activity that can help improve the overall mental and physical health of your children all while promoting family bonding... climbing rope! It's the perfect answer for what to do with the kids this weekend while also building their confidence, balance, strength, communication, team building skills and self esteem. Sound to good to be true? How does a rope course teach these crucial life skills and build muscle all at once? Well, when a child or adult is (safely and securely) hanging twenty feet high in the air with nothing but a thin rope to stand on, there is only one choice, and that is to succeed; by communicating with their partner, seeking help and advice, using their muscles for balance, and when they accomplish all of this...a confidence that will have them beaming with pride. There are many great facilities that offer rope climbing, here are just a few courses that stand out for their unique obstacles and design.

1. Monkey C Monkey Do, Wiscasset, ME

Kids of all ages and levels can experience the thrill of a rope course, most if not all rope courses offer different levels of expertise. Along beautiful coastal Maine, in a town called Wiscasset dubbed the prettiest town in Maine is a rustic rope course with 60 obstacles, 8 zip lines and a 50 foot high swing. So if youre daring enough to make it to the top, you will find a few thrilling rides to quickly and safely return you to ground level, a zip line or a bunji swing...what would you choose?

2. The Norwegian Breakaway

Modern day Cruise ships are not only an impressive engenierring fete but they're built for a good time! The Norwegian Breakaway has a quarter-mile long promenade with 29 restaurants, Broadway performances, spas, an aqua park and a sports complex. While being whisked off to the tropics to swim with dolphins you can play miniature golf , splash down water slides, walk a plank 8 feet over the side of the ship, rock climb and test your strength on the largest rope course at sea...these crusie ships have something for everyone!

3. The Adventure Park at Sandy River Retreat, Rice, VA

Many rope courses offer specialized instructors that can tailor team building activities to meet the goals of your group. When you share unique experiences designed to push limits and break down barriers, employee productivity rises. If your team at work or at home could use a boost of confidence or is in need of a little bonding time, find a rope course in your area and give it a try, we are confidant you and your employees will have a successful experience!

4. San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA

Do your kids want to climb like a monkey when you take a trip to the zoo? Well, you're in luck! Some zoos offer rope courses high in the treetops so your kids actually can climb...and swing, like a monkey!

5. Flagstaff Extreme, Flagstaff, AZ

If balancing on a rope while three stories above the ground is not a challenge enough, then try climbing through a barrel, walking across a wobbly bridge or making your way across a path of tires. The obstacles on these courses are creative and artfully crafted to push you to your limit and beyond!

6. Palisades Climb Adventure, West Nyack, NY

Rain, sleet or shine...climb all year long when you visit an indoor rope course. This one happens to be one of the largest indoor facilities, boasting 85 tall course with 75 obstacles. All climbers are welcome, with different levels of difficulty that will keep the whole family challenged!

7. Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, GA

Open year around, there are family adventure vacations that will thrill you no matter which season you visit the park. Stone Mountain park located in Georgia offers a SkyHike trek through the treetops. A quarter of a mile course with 12, 24 and 40 foot courses and an overhead safety system that will make you feel safe as you climb to the treetops!

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